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Our Product Lines

The product lines at C’est La Vie are chosen with great care and creativity to continuously stay attuned to long-lasting effects and all beauty trends. We are passionate about learning each products’ capabilities, and love to match them the individual needs of each client. We are proud to offer a variety of the highest standard brands from our spa to our salon. Visit us to explore all of our products and find the true fit for your daily regimen to look and feel amazing.



With over 60 years of aromatic therapy, this France-based skincare line combines scent elements with unparalleled natural ingredients to nourish and protect all skin types.


Skin Ceuticals

Looking for a more experimental fix for your skincare regimen? Skin Ceuticals combines scientific research with case studies to create solutions for any facial concern.

Naturopathica (2)


Look no further for the most nature-based body care line. From bath salts to body moisturizers, bring the earth’s essences to your energy with all of Naturopathica’s offerings.

Bumble & Bumble (2)

Bumble & Bumble

Widely regarded as one of the most reputable haircare lines in its ingenuity and reliability, let our stylists guide you to the perfect product combination for all of your hair needs.

Jane Iredale (2)

Jane Iredale

Is your skin sensitive to the harsh chemicals often found in cosmetic lines? Discover the difference conscious make up makes with Jane Iredale’s line of facial-friendly foundations, powders, and shadows.



You have never seen a brighter palette, better coverage, or longer stay than CND’s Vinylux line. We use only the healthiest products for your nail beds, in all of the trendiest colors.

OPI (2)


From their iconic names to their flawless finish, OPI stands the test of time in all of our nail services, insuring you look your best for any occasion.