Modern Cupping Therapy


20 min $75
50 min $135
80 min $200

Modern Cupping Therapy Bodywork Is Helpful For:

Anxiety, Arthritis, Athletic Conditions, Asthma, Bursitis, Cellulite, Colon Issues, Facial Drainage, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Muscular Aches & Pains, Plantar Fasciitis, Poor Circulation, Pre & Post Surgical Applications, Respiratory Conditions, Scar Tissue (New & Old), Sciatica, Sinus Congestion, Stress, Tendonitis & Tendinosis, TMJ Dysfunction

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is an ancient healing modality that has been used for thousands of years around the world. With the use of cups applied to the skin, cupping removes unwanted materials from the body, such as sickness, pain, evil spirits, and other invasive pathogens.

Modern Cupping Therapy is a modernized adaptation of this ancient healing modality, and is considered a complementary and alternative therapy. Utilizing negative pressure, this style of therapeutic cupping can be used to address a wide range of issues.

Modern Cupping Therapy

How Does Modern Cupping Therapy Work?

Negative Pressure – Cups create a lifting and pulling action which allows for the separation of fused/adhered tissues. This pulling action may draw out any interstitial debris trapped within soft tissues, resulting in cupping marks.

Vasodilation – Cups act like a vacuum, stimulating vascular dilation within the underlying tissue structures allowing fluids to rush into or through an area.

Enhance Fluid Exchange – Cupping enhances the body’s natural processes of fluid exchange; drawing fluids into previously deficient areas while simultaneously improving the removal of waste materials (lymph and blood.)

These combined physiological responses allow for incredible therapeutic potential!

Benefits of Modern Cupping Therapy Bodywork

  • Encourage circulation of blood and lymph
    • In muscle tissue, it increases pliability and performance
    • In the lymphatic system, it promotes circulation of nutrients vital to cellular health
  • Decompress soft tissue, creating space and potential pain reduction
  • Alleviate muscular tension, fascial adhesions, and trigger points
  • Clear congestion and fluid stagnations
  • Lift, hydrate, and manipulate fascia
  • Reduce chronic and acute inflammation, depending on application
  • Manipulate scar tissue (new & old) to promote optimal healing
  • Encourage regeneration of damaged vascular pathways

What To Expect After Modern Cupping Therapy:

MCT Bodywork is beneficial to both your physical body and overall well-being. Some may feel tired and lethargic, while others may feel energized and revitalized!

During this process, it is imperative you take care of yourself after the session.

Hydration is very important when receiving any bodywork, especially cupping therapies. Cupping pulls water from deeper cellular spaces up to the surface tissues. Due to this process, hydration needs to be replenished after receiving Modern Cupping Therapy work.

Cupping Mark vs Bruise

A Cupping Mark is interstitial debris (any foreign, cellular or metabolic waste that the body cannot dispose of naturally) being released*, or the result of vascular micro-traumas to promote healthier soft tissues thereafter. Cupping marks may be sensitive – but not painful – and will simply fade away.

A Bruise is a response to an injury, is painful when touched, and will fade and change color in size.

*Therapeutic benefits can occur from Modern Cupping Therapy Bodywork without ever leaving a mark!

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