Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph is the fluid that carries nutrients, waste, and excess water between cells. It is imperative to our health to keep this drainage system flowing. Our Lymphatic Drainage Machine will wrap your feet, legs, hips, backside, and lower stomach to stimulate the movement of this fluid by compressing the surface of the body at certain pressures and patterns. This treatment helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite, relieve the effects of edema, and break up lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue.

We highly suggest a series of sessions in order to see optimum results. While this treatment is an amazing addition to regular exercise, consistent hydration, and a balanced diet, it is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic, have heart problems or are pregnant.

Lymphatic Drainage Machine Treatment

20 min $65 | 50 min $105

Lymphatic Drainage bed

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