Facials are considered the hidden gems of relaxation and health.
Indulge in ultimate comfort cradled by our heated beds wrapped in soft sheets. Inhale deeply beneath a cloud of steam, opening the pores and readying your skin for transformation. You will be surrounded by luscious scents, calming touch, and tranquil music as cares fall away. Imagine this luxury, all while knowing you will emerge healthier and more confident.

C'est La Vie Signature Facial

50 min $130

This is a signature treatment for skin cell renewal and instant volumizing of the skin’s matrix by 15% through a DNA repair and liquid oxygen facial. It combines liquid oxygen with vital ocean nutrients for a truly age-defying treatment.

Triple C Antioxidant Facial

50 min $115

Suitable for all skin types, this facial leaves the skin looking brighter and healthier by gently opening the pores to allow for 3 forms of Vitamin C to absorb luxuriously into the skin. This facial provides ultimate cellular protection against free radical damage. The Triple C Complex and peel-on-peel leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling supple.

Back Facial

50 min $95

A common trouble area for many, our Back Facial includes the use of a Himalayan salt scrub to both exfoliate the skin and stimulate muscles to ease ache. Ideal for dry skin patches and blemishes, this facial also includes extractions. 

Calming & Purifying Facial

50 min $90

This facial is designed to help decongest and soothe even the most sensitive skin types. Because this facial hydrates without leaving skin greasy, it is ideal for those with acne or rosacea. Our Calming and Purifying facial stimulates cell regeneration while feeding the skin vital nutrients to restore the skin’s balance. Experience optimum health and a beaming glow! Great facial for teens!


*In order to procure maximum benefit, we highly recommend booking a series of these facials.

Gel Peel Facial

50 min $110

Tired of manual exfoliation with scrubs? Discover the difference peels can make!  Our classic Gel Peel Facial will introduce you to the magic that gel peels contain by gently sweeping away all surface debris that make skin look dull and tired. With continued use, you will find a fading of scars and decrease in spots. This peel includes steaming, extractions, and a Vitamin C masque. While this facial is a cure-all for many, it is not recommended for sensitive skin types.

Acne Treatment

45 min $140

This facial utilizes LHA, an acid that is a more effective and less drying derivative of the commonly used salicylic acid. Clients see a great decrease in breakouts with a series of visits, and a more balanced and even skin tone. 

Aging Treatment

45 min $140

For those looking to fill fine lines and improve firmness of skin, this facial supports the natural elasticity that decreases as we age. For a dramatic transformation, clients find a series of this treatment can turn back the clock.   


45 min $140

A standard and favored treatment for many, Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation that improves the appearance hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, and scars with the use of mechanical exfoliation.

Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

45 min $140

A series of this clinical facial is a must for those who experience patches of excess melanin. The Hyper Pigmentation Treatment fades dark spots and sun damaged areas of the skin to reveal a significantly more even complexion. 

Advanced Corrective Peel

50 min $200

Our Advanced Corrective Peel is the leader in transformative concentrations. Suitable for only those who have experienced a series of chemical peels prior, we encourage this peel when your skin needs a complete overhaul. A set of protective and hydrating products will be suggested after your treatment to ensure the skin’s regenerating health while the cells continue to overturn. This facial requires a consultation with our estheticians before being performed.