Microblading has been a hot trend in the beauty industry over the past few years. Never heard of it? Unsure if it’s a right procedure for you? We’ve got all the answers for you!
What is microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permenant procedure done to a person’s eyebrows. It has become a hudden secret in achieving the look of fuller brows!
Microblading uses a very precise tool that resembles a pen with a small blade on it. That sloped blade has between 10-12 little needles on it. The needles do not penetrate the skin, but just lightly scratch the surface of the skin. The needles leave fine strokes, while dispensing a medical grade pigment into the skin.
Some misconceptions…
Many people mistake microblading for tattooing. Microblading does not penetrate into the deep layer of the skin like tattooing does. In addition, it is not a permanent procedure, as the color fades within 18 months. Also, since a hand held needle is used, the outcome is much more natural.
What happens during a microblading procedure?
When receiving a microblading procedure, your brows are first shaped, cleaned up and prepared for treatment. A numbing topical ointment is applied to the brow area and sits for around 40 minutes until the numbing has taken full effect. During this time, you will discuss with your microbladist what shade and shape you are trying to achieve. From there, the process begins! The pigment is gently implanted stroke my stroke. If there is any discomfort, more numbing cream is added. Then, a final layer of pigment is spread across the brow area and left to sit for about 5 minutes before being cleaned off to review a clean, beautiful set of eye brows!
Who can benefit from a microblading procedure?
Anyone who wants beautiful, even brows are great candidates for microblading. Many people with light colored brow hair or sparce brow hairs often use microblading to achieve a fuller look. Microblading is also great for those who are always on the go and want one less step in their makeup routine!
All about our new microbladist!
We are so excited to add Nicole to our team! With over 14 years experience in the medaesthetic and cosmetic surgery industry, Nicole is a skin care and laser specialist who is highly experienced in laser hair removal, photofacials and microneedling, just to name a few. Over the years, Nicole’s passion for eyebrow enhancement has led her to performing microblading. Her goal is to develop lasting relationships with her patients that build both confidence, trust and loyalty.

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