Feel as though your entire body needs to feel refreshed and re-imagined? 
You will leave a brighter, softer, and smoother person after any of our body treatments. Indulge in a private steam, full body exfoliation, and a deep moisturizing. Let us do the work for you to feel renewed! 

“These services are offered only to those 18 years or older.”

Espresso Mud Body Polish

45 min $85

An invigorating treatment that uses a foaming gel based exfoliate that contains fine pumice and micro pearl extracts that refines sensitive and delicate skin. This treatment is followed by a luxurious and moisturizing full body application of Seaweed firming Cream customized with Hydrating Laminaria Oil.

Himalayan Aromatic Salt Scrub

45 min $85

This thoroughly invigorating treatment cleanses and replenishes skin and senses. The richness of this scrub comes from the earthy notes of Indian Tobacco, Volcanic Pumice, and Coffee Arabica. Become immersed in this stimulating scrub to feel luminous and fortified.

Marine Algae Blend Wrap

45 min $85

Seaweed is the base of the food chain, it contains all the minerals, trace elements and vitamins essential to life. In this body wrap we nourish our bodies through an external application, for the skin is an organism of absorption as well as one of elimination. The synergy of essential oils helps to stimulate the lympth system and reduce bloat and body recontouring.