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Floating in water is one of life’s greatest therapeutic experiences. 
Our private whirlpool bath will make you feel lighter than air and cradled in the most secure comfort. With the perfect temperature, soothing jets, and aromatherapeutic scents, you will find yourself drifting into a divine state of relaxation while your body is immersed in the most beneficial herbs, minerals, and natural essences. A fabulous add on to any of our spa treatments, we invite you to let go of all your worries during our Aquatherapy treatments.

Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Cure

20 min | $55

Magnesium, crucial for the body’s biochemical interactions, helps to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue. Pair this important mineral with the tonic effects of Sweet Birch and you will find ultimate peace floating amongst this intoxicating concoction. 

Ginger Balance Bath Cure

20 min | $55

Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory, utilized to speed up muscle recovery, relieve digestive discomfort, and supplement a healthy immune system. Combine ginger’s spicy qualities with the warmth of our soaker tub and you will find all of your problems melt away.  

Herbal Rest Bath Cure

20 min | $55

Lavender Blossom essential oil guides you through a deeply calming journey in this Aquatherapy treatment. Classically used in the relief of anxiety, insomnia, and even menopause, Lavender is a must for those who need to breathe deeply and quiet the mind’s chatter.

Renew and Replenish Bath Cure

20 min | $55

Our Renew and Replenish Bath Cure features the popular analgesic, Alpine Arnica. For those who need to shut off the mind and body and receive the benefits of stress and pain relief, this treatment is the answer. A go-to treatment for those who are jet-lagged or post strenuous activity, allow this bath to dissolve any ache.

Detoxifying Bath Cure

20 min | $55

This Aquatherapy treatment will remove you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With Deep Forest Essential oil, you will be transported to a place of serenity while impurities are released from your body. The stimulation of our soaker tub will improve circulation while the aromatherapy qualities found in nature surround you.



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