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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website
Aug 26

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to C’est La Vie’s long anticipated website. After 10 years servicing the Hudson Valley with the highest quality Spa and Salon experiences, we bring to you a remodeled online presence. Here you can browse our renowned services, available product lines, and current events. We invite you to check out our giftcards page, where each holiday (or whenever the mood strikes) you can purchase the gift of happiness, luxury, and relaxation – fit for any loved one!       

                  At C’est La Vie, we believe that your Spa services are as integral to your well-being as steady exercise and a balanced diet. Too often we find ourselves glorifying being overtly busy and wearing our stressors as a second skin. Within our facility, we encourage you to shed the anxiety and pressure of your daily life and instead take a step towards better sustained health.

We’re sure you’ve heard your doctors tell you that stress is a factor in nearly all ailments – and too true it is! With regular spa treatments, you will find your body, mind, and soul significantly less strained. Not only is being in a relaxing atmosphere a beneficial experience, but the numerous therapies that we offer can significantly change your quality of life. Let’s explore the different benefits of some of our spa treatments.

Massage Therapy

The healing power of touch is something that massage therapy brings to the forefront. For those who experience muscle cramping or fatigue, regular massages come to the rescue! Many walks of life including professional athletes plan consistent massage schedules to ensure that their bodies work to the best of their abilities. Massage can not only deeply relax, but physically unwind tightly held muscles that can result in constant discomfort, or worse develop into a lifelong issue misaligning the body and causing pain. Experience an increase in circulation, better range of movement, and decreased anxiety overall.

Facial Therapies

The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be taken care of just as we exercise for the better working of our lungs and heart as well as muscles. For those of us who suffer with differing skin issues such as acne, rosacea, or chronic dry skin, we know that discomfort and lack of confidence can lead to a lesser enjoyed lifestyle. Facial therapies serve as a way to discover relief from many painful skin disorders and allow us to present ourselves with more self-assurance. Additionally, the light massaging of the face increases circulation and can decrease the tension associated with clenching the jaw.


If you think about it, we all began in water inside of the womb. Many believe that baths are an access to that same deeply rooted relaxation. Not only does the element of water soothe the senses, but when aromatherapeutic salts, plant essences, and oils are introduced into the experience, an over-all calm can completely envelope you. When immersed in water, gravity does not weigh down on your joints as it would in everyday life, therefore, many people feel relief while in a bath.

At C’est La Vie, we strive to foster an environment where you need not worry about anything that had bothered you before you entered our building. The most important piece of our business, though, is supplying you with the mental, physical, and emotional tools to continue leading a less stressful lifestyle. As with all practices, we encourage regularly scheduled spa experiences to integrate these stress reduction benefits into your everyday life. Our Spa Coordinators are extensively knowledgeable on all of our spa services and invite you to plan your getaway to suit your needs.  Who knew such relief was only a visit away?!



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