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Trend Alert: Flat Waves & Tiger Eye Baylage

Trend Alert: Flat Waves & Tiger Eye Baylage
Apr 26

Trend Alert: Flat Waves & Tiger Eye Baylage

Spring time  harbors change! With the cold frigid months behind us, there are some hot trends on the horizon for spring and summer!

A huge trend right now is Flat Waves. Not totally curls, not full blown waves, this look combines the two for an effortless look. There are a few ways to achieve this look. With a curling iron, curl the hair from above the ear down for just a few seconds. As you release the hair, keep the clamp clamped on the ends of your hair, pull down gently to pull out the curl. This will flatten the curl and make your ends straighter.  Once finished, comb through hair, add some hair spray and you’re good to go!

Balayage has been a staple in the hair trend category for quite some time now, but the Tiger Eye Balayage has been all the rage this season. Just like the stone, the Tiger Eye Balayage incorporates caramel and deep brown highlights — incorporating a deep rich brown root with soft warmer caramels running throughout the style. 

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