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Our Creative Work – Top 5 References to Bring to Your Next Hair Appointment

Our Creative Work – Top 5 References to Bring to Your Next Hair Appointment
Aug 11

Our Creative Work – Top 5 References to Bring to Your Next Hair Appointment

Do you consider yourself addicted to social media? Regardless of your leanings, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have helped the fashion and beauty industry grow exponentially. Artists from all backgrounds and at all ages take to the internet to showcase their skills, gain clientele, and learn new tricks.

The easiest and fastest way to stay up to date on trends is to browse the web for popular hairstyles and make up looks. Luckily, you have a group of creative individuals who understand and utilize the power that online media has! You know that hairstyle you’ve been dying to try? Check out our top 5 references to bring to your next hair appointment to make sure you’re ready for your new look!

1.            Celebrity Inspo – Fire up the search engines and grab photos of that celeb that you covet the hairstyle of! We know that celebrities are on the cutting edge (Pun intended!) of fashion, especially when it comes to hairstyles! Bonus: Find someone who has a similar face shape as you to really gauge how the new ‘do will look!

2.            Social Media– We’re all guilty of some Facebook/Instagram/Twitter stalking from time to time – no shame in putting it to use! Perhaps a good friend or acquaintance of yours has a style you’re looking to try. Pull up a profile and let us see! *We promise not to double tap!

3.            Hair Product Sites – We adore working with Bumble & Bumble and utilize their style inspiration often! Got a product you can’t live without? Check out the brand’s website and see what goodies they have in store for hot new looks.

4.            The Runway – To really dive head first into the newest trend, pay close attention to events like New York Fashion Week. These shows are meant to inspire and even sometimes shock their audiences. Get the exciting look you’ve only dreamed of by checking out the models’ hair!

5.            Your Very Own Past – Many of us yearn for a haircut of our history, that one trim or color that made the look of the year. Take a look into your timeline, feed, or even old photo albums, is there anything you would just love to revisit?


At C’est La Vie, you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals whose craft is their passion. Not only do we participate in continued education for all of our departments by attending classes and conventions, we also scour the internet for the latest looks.  We strive to bring you the best service by supplying you with the confidence in our knowledge as well as the inspiration of our creativity! We believe that there’s no stopping progress, and that each of our clients are the masterpieces of our craft. Take a look at our favorites list and see what jumps out at you!



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